“American Icon” is a great read

A lot of business books are rubbish. There are not that many great business ideas out there, and very few great ideas can justify an entire book. Reading what people have done is typically more informative than reading about what people think you should do.

Which brings me to Bryce G Hoffman’s “American Icon: Alan Mulally and The Fight to Save Ford Motor Company“.  This is a great book which will age well. There a few things I really liked about this book:

  1. An easy read. Bryce G Hoffman’s career in journalism certainly helped him write an engaging tale.
  2. Ventures into the “how”, not just the “what”. The descriptions of the Business Review meetings and the difficulty in changing the Ford culture are very insightful. Too many business books pay lip service to how change is made, this book doesn’t.
  3. Access to insiders. The book is compelling and insightful because it is more than an outside-in view of the business. Hoffman got access to the major players and Ford was supportive. This reads like a fly-on-the-wall business case study.

Below is the cover of the book (not a link), go to your favourite store / website and check it out.

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Book review: Black Edge

Black Edge: Inside Information, Dirty Money, and the Quest to Bring Down the Most Wanted Man on Wall Street. (Sheelah Kolhatkar)

Stevie Cohen’s SAC Capital Advisors had delivered c. 30% returns for two decades. He was The Man, when hedge funds were still the new kings of Wall Street. Sheehan Kolhatkar has successfully woven together the tale of how the government tried (and plot reveal – failed) to put Stevie in the can. You should read this book, but you will be disgusted by: (1) How crooked some hedge fund managers (and their enablers) are; and (2) The fact the big fish got away.

The book also gives a small peek into the lifestyles of the rich and famous. The anecdote involving casino mogul Steve Wynn accidentally putting an elbow through his Picasso after he had sold it to Stevie Cohen for US$139m is particularly amusing.

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